Varem Pressure Tank 20 Litre

Varem s.p.a. is a world leader in the production of pressure tanks for water and heating plants, with over 40 years of experience.

Varem manufactures also rubber membranes, the heart of pressure water tank, so totally controls the production of the main component of the tank. Varem realizes also other devices, plate heat exchangers and boilers, to mantain a wide control on the markets of water and renewable energies.

The vessel is supplied pre-charged with air, but this pressure may require adjustment to suit the site conditions this adjustment must made with the vessel isolated from the system and before filling with water.


Liquid Type:


Applications: Volume: 20 Litres Code butyl rubber: R2 020 366 Max pressure: 8 bar Precharge pressure: 2.0 bar Connector DN: 1" Dimensions: Ø250 x 500mm Gross weight: 6.0kg



Application Limit: For temperatures from -10°C to 99°C Pressure tanks for water boosting applications Replaceable membrane Rubber for potable water Stainless Steel flange 2 bar pre-charge

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