WORTEX chemical & dirty water pump


Liquid Type: - Liquid temperature up to 35°C (for home use according to EN 60335-2-41) - Temperature max. liquid: 90°C (for other uses) - Ambient temperature up to 40°C - Total suction lift up to 7 mt. - Continuous duty

Uses: civil, agricultural, industrial

Applications: Selfpriming monoblock water pumps with open impeller. The check valve inside the suction outlet avoids the syphon effect when stopping and assures the automatic re-start each time. The pump selfprimes even if partially filled and if the suction hose is completely empty. Suitable to drain clean or slightly dirty water and in flood irrigation systems.

Typology: Motore - Two-Pole induction motor (n = 2850 min-1) - Insulation Class F - Protection IP 55


Application Limit:

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